REAX Token

Vested REAX

veREAX is a vested form of REAX token that gives you access to governance, revenue share, and which is used to incentivize liquidity providers. veREAX tokens are redeeemable 1:1 for REAX tokens after a lockup period. The lockup period is designed to incentivize liquidity providers to hold their tokens for a longer period of time, and to ensure that the protocol has a sufficient supply of $REAX tokens to support its growth and development. Initially vesting period will be lesser, and slowing increase as token stabilises.

WETH Rewards (Coming Soon)

Holding veREAX would automatically accumulate WETH rewards. The rewards are calculated based on the amount of veREAX held, and the amount of fees earned in the protocol. The rewards can be claimed at any time.


Participate in REAX's governance, create improvement proposals, vote on decisions that modify protocol parameters such as fees, revenue share, etc, and creation of different synthetic pools, add/remove of assets.

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